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Ferrite Magnets

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Ferrite Magnets, known as ceramic magnets, are the most commonly used permanent magnets in the world even today.
The major raw material used to manufacture ferrite magnets is iron oxide. That's why one of ferrite magnets' principal advantage is very inexpensive.
Ferrite magnets are also very strong, stable and very resistant to corrosion. So they have a wide variety of applications: loud speakers, DC motors, magnetic separators and craft etc.
Ferrite magnets' shape can be blocks, discs, rings, arc segments and special shapes.
Listed below are some of our best-selling sizes of Ferrite Magnet, customized size is available:

Ceramic Blocks

Item No.GradeLengthWidthThickness
XLJ-1101cer5 0.874"0.227"0.197"
XLJ-1103cer5 0.984"0.748"0.197"
XLJ-1104cer5 1.89"0.472"0.394"
XLJ-1105cer5 1.89"0.866"0.394"

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Ceramic Discs

Item No.GradeDiameterThickness
Ceramic Discs

Ceramic Rings

Item No.GradeODIDThickness
XLJ-1110cer5 0.75"0.256" 0.125"
XLJ-1111cer5 1.85"0.827" 0.236"

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