Product design

Complex and high efficiency devices require sophisticated engineering tools and experienced engineering to achieve successful, commercially viable designs. 3J international has the expertise you depend on to complete projects on-time and within cost constraints.

We will assist you in deciding on the right magnets for your application and will support you in the further processing. At your request, we can design magnetic circuits and optimize them to your needs.

We will design and construct magnet assembly devices of any type for you – from simple to complex and fully automatic. We will work with you to develop solutions for the design and cost-effective manufacture of both individual components and complete systems.

we use the latest design tools to transform the concepts into the reality, the software that we are using including Pro/E, AutoCAD, Solid-Works and UG.

We also can offer Design services including 2D and 3D modeling for metal products and plastic products, please CLICK HERE to get a quote.