Weld Torch Holder

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Weld Torch Holder

Weld Torch Holder with magnetic bases quickly and easily attach to any steel surface in your shop such as the welding table, welding machine and more.

The strong magnetic base RB70 allows for the weld torch holder to be positioned in almost any orientation and the versatile design provides multiple option for weld torch placement in the holder.

  • Securely and neatly hold weld torch in place on top or under work bench or any nearby steel structure
  • Prevents damage to torch tips
  • Stainless steel holder, with strong magnetic base RB70

Item No. WM5212

Pull force :65lbs

Magnet diameter (inch): 2.65"

Magnet height (inch):0.36"

Weld Torch Holder


Weld Torch Holder


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