How to use Name Badge Magnet

    If you’re tired of seeing your company’s uniforms full of pin holes then it might be time for you to consider switching to Name Badge Magnet. It is ideal for attaching badges or name cards to garments which may not hold a pin without damages to the garment. It's also ideal for instances where there is short term use with frequent attachment.

    Name badge magnet consists of two parts – a adhesive metal plate and a plastic or steel bar with two or three strong magnets. Our rare-earth name badge magnets are crafted from the highest quality neodymium in the world. This means that your neo magnet name badge stays firmly in place through almost any material, even outerwear.

Magnetic badge

The permanent magnets naturally adhere to the steel or plastic badge plates.

Magnetic Badge

Adhesive steel piece sticks to your badge plate and attracts the magnetic badge fastener.

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